​The Road to New Mexico with Table For Six

We got the opportunity to hop on the road with From Zero 2 Hero and travel to New Mexico to share #Badgercore with the Apache tribe at Alien Fest we wrote about our experience to document our first tour as an underground working band!

The trip in total took 3 days. We began our journey on Friday (7/19) and drove 14 hours through the night to make it to Dulce New Mexico. 6 guys, 2 cars. We don’t have a tour bus yet :( soon enough.

Our journey started at 9:30pm Friday evening. This was the only way we could keep our day jobs and make it to the festival. We met up at Jakes (drums) house and threw all of our gear into two cars, squeezing and trying to Tetris every last piece in.

We did our final check, made sure everything was packed up, and off we went.

Before we started our journey down the long dark desert, we stopped at the station to fuel up on gas and snacks! (There’s some funny footage of this on our vlog, make sure to watch our whole New Mexico experience.)

I got behind the wheel to take the first 6 hour shift of driving, and off we went!!

Approx. 8 hours into the drive (it was about 3:30 am), I get a call from Reed (guitar).

“Hey... do you want to check out the sunrise at the Grand Canyon in like 3 hours?”

My response, obviously, was “Fuck yeah!”

So on we went, taking turns driving through the night.

Fun fact: Michael sometimes drives in silence for hours!

At the time I didn’t mind because my eyes were so heavy. I remember waking up a bunch of times because I was nervous he would fall asleep driving like that... but alas, we are alive.

I wake up just minutes before our arrival to the Grand Canyon to a chill down my spine from the windows that were cracked open. GOODMORNING!

We arrived to the Grand Canyon (in silence).

It took us a few stops to find the hole. Ya know, the big canyon part! If you’ve never been there before, it’s huge. The national park is over 1 million acres! After we entered the gates, it was about a 30 min drive to the spot in our pictures.

Sunrise at this landmark was a true beauty. It was so bright and full of color. Orangey-red pastels shot through the sky. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we got some really awesome pictures. (shoutout to Albert!)

We met a squirrel named sid. He got really close, and we fed him a check mix. He took his cracker and ran off into the wilderness.

We took some time to soak in the fresh air and view of this beautiful landmark, thanked Mother Nature for such beauties, and hit the road for one last stretch.

Moments spent with the band are always so wholesome. I’m always filled with feelings of gratitude. I become inspired with belief that we’re all on the right path to making our dreams happen, and there’s no feeling better than that.

6 guys with equal effort and action towards one dream. How powerful is that? Well, here we are.

We checked into Alien Festival at around 3 PM to set up our merch, and begin spreading the word of Badgercore. This was no ordinary metal festival. The crowd consisted of adults, kids, grandmas, grandpas, mothers - just about everyone in the whole family! There were families having picnics under trees, kids playing in the park, people watching from their cars and honking in place of applause, crowds gathered around the stage, and metal. Lots of metal.

It was nice getting to spend the whole day with such great people.

We had the opportunity to try some gourmet Apache food and share some moments with our brother bands.

Before we knew it, it was 9:00pm and time for us to take the stage. Everything went very smoothly, especially considering we had all day to have our shit ready side stage. We went up, sound checked, and performed our little hearts out. We had a really strong connection with the crowd. We were all happy to be up there doing what we love best and that was very clear. After the first song we were cheered by the lovely audience in front of us, as well as from the cars honking their horns in the distance. Videos from the show are on our vlog linked below, make sure to witness all the fun we had and see why Alien Fest was so special.

(here’s the set we played)

Berkeley Nights



Loose Lips Sink Ships


Extra! Extra!

Sugar, We’re Going Down

We wanted to make sure we performed the most upbeat and jam-packed set to show these metalheads that Badgercore is for everyone! I think we chose wisely, as there were no still moments. Overall grade for the performance would be a B+. We bought a buttload of energy to the stage, and we didn't sound too bad either. We weren't perfect and I definitely had to exert my voice, however; next time I’ll be sure to keep my voice strong by staying hydrated in the dry new mexico air. At the end of the day, we were all able to vibe out and have fun, which made it all worth it. We will post the vids to some of the full songs on our YouTube channel, so if you want to see the rest of our performance, go watch those!!

From Zero 2 Hero closed out the festival strong with songs from their new album. The whole album is killer, but my favorite is a song called “Don’t Stop” featuring Adrian from Assuming We Survive. (Go listen!!)

From Zero 2 Hero finished off Alien Fest with a BANG!! That’s a wrap.

Each and every band up on that stage definitely earned their right to be there. Such talent and charisma shook through the PAs and into the souls of the listeners.

The adrenaline was now out of our systems and it was time to go home. We packed up all our gear, gathered our profits from selling merch and hit the road to our motel which we all stuffed into and rested the night for another 12 drive home.

Thank you all for this opportunity. This was our first time playing out of state, and we can’t wait to make it happen more in 2020. 

 Watch the Vlog below, it has all the fun live action!

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Watch our experience here